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Gripon is the worlds pioneer in motion control technologies, providing systematic, precision engineered solutions for variety of Aerospace, Marine, Agriculture / Construction , Mobile Process, Appliance, Heavy Duty Truck, Industrial Equipment, Outdoor Power, Process Industries, Recreation, Semiconductor markets.

Gripon products are in operation on satellites orbiting the earth; in machine tools and mobile plant; on oil rigs and refineries; in hospitals and laboratories; aerospace; marine. In fact wherever there are machines which depend on motion or fluid control / pneumatic control, you will find innovative and reliable Gripon components and systems.

Gripon has many product lines for hydraulic, pneumatic, power transmission and electromechanical applications. Gripon has its own manufacturing plants and administrative & sales offices, company stores and warehouses around the world. The company has the largest distribution network in the fiend. Gripon is the world’s leading diversified producer of motion & control technologies and systems.


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